Holland Grill | Is it the best deal?

Holland Grill

Do you want to have a barbeque or cook outside? Investing with Holland grill is the best deal. How is this so? Read more and find out.

Holland grill is a unique outdoor grill with its design cooks somewhat similar to a convention oven. Grilling meat, especially with Holland grill, gives a moist, juicy, tender food without any hassle. This is because of its indirect radiant heat that keeps the flame off the food. The Holland grill cooks like an oven but tastes like a grill. Compared to other grills, Holland grill assures good food and is known for its no flare-up guarantee.

Other grills are having problems with flares but this is solved when Holland grill was made. There is no temperature setting to worry about since it is designed to cook at approximately 400 degrees which is considered medium heat. The Holland grill has only two settings, the on or off, making it easy to operate. Just raise the lid, turn the gas knob all the way on and click the igniter for few times (if the model has an igniter), make sure there is a flame, then close the lid.

Holland grill is 100% made of stainless steel. It is easy to clean and will surely last a lifetime. You may wonder why it has a slightly sloping design. This design sends the excess grease away from the flame and into a drainpipe. With a stainless steel deflector plate, Holland grill provides a fairly even pattern of heating by spreading the flame.

If you want a portable grill, the Holland Companion Grill is best for you. Two models are out, one is electric and the other is gas model. Its gas model uses a one pound disposable tank but can be converted with a conversion hose accessory to hold a 20 pound LP tank. The Companion Grill doesn’t have an igniter system.  Instead, there is a large hole in the bottom with a circular stainless flap that slides open and there you insert a lit match. It offers 212 square inches of cooking surface making it easy to transport. The legs can be tucked under the smokestacks pushed down so that the grill if a briefcase size and very convenient for packing. You can avail a nice carrying bag with handles so you could have a super slick on-the-go look. Its expanded stainless steel cooking grid provides plenty of room for your feast. If you consider its compact size, you could grill 6 large sized burgers with breathing space. Its being portable makes it best used in camps and picnics. This kind of grill can be set up on a table at a height just enough for the one who will use it. Its burner is adjustable from low to medium to high with the btu range going from 2600 to 4900. Its drip pan between the food and the flame ensures that the food won’t catch on fire. The drippings strike the drip pan and sizzle then the smoke rises back up to the food giving it a distinctive Holland Grill flavor. But to have the taste you desire, make sure the lid is closed since it is designed this way. This handy grill will make your off-home activities more fun with meals definitely tasty.

Hamburgers, steaks, pork chops, and the rest of the food people usually grill are best grilled with Holland grill, it is not advisable to grill large foods like whole turkeys, chicken, pork loins, and beef roasts But mind everyone that it is good to grill vegetables with its crisscrossed grate. You can put button mushrooms right on the grate and don’t have to hunt up skewers or a grill wok. You don’t have to do the half turn like on the other grills to get the checkerboard pattern because the crisscrossed grate can give that pattern. The Holland companion grill is very versatile that you can bake pizzas, biscuits, baked beans in a dish and apple pie. Can you imagine an apple pie baked on a grill? Only Holland grill can do it. It also grills awesome sausage and bacons and it is an outstanding fish cooker. Nearly everything can be cooked with a Holland grill. But because of its design, the Holland takes some time to warm up and probably takes 30% longer to cook most foods compared to a flame-belching propane grill.

When it comes to cleaning, as said above, Holland Companion Grill is easy to clean. The grease will already be in the drip pan after the cooking is finished. Allow the lid and the grill to cool down before removing the stainless steel lattice grid. Use warm water and soap with sponge backed with scrubbing pad. While the grill is still warm, it is good to wipe away any excess grease from the smokestacks with paper towels. The interior of the can be wiped already at this point.

See? A Holland Grill especially the Companion Grill is really a great deal. With a price about $250, isn’t it a good investment?

Where Can I Buy a Holland Grill?

 You can buy Holland Grills on Amazon online. At the moment they include free shipping and when comparing prices with other online merchants, Amazon do currently have the best deal especially with the free shipping option. Check the links: Holland Companion PROPANE Portable Grill, No Flare-up BBQ Grill and Holland ELECTRIC Companion Portable Grill, No Flare-up BBQ Grill. For a high end one, check The Holland Grill HGG421502 Heritage Plus Propane Gas Grill – HGG421502

How Much?

The price of these types of grills is generally around $250.

Consumer reviews

 The most helpful customer review on Amazon reads as “This is one fine “Bar-B-Que”…it’s not really a grill, it’s more of a portable/smoker oven—you cook with the lid closed, and if you’re looking for fancy “grill marks” on your food & enjoy constantly flipping burgers, etc.—this won’t work for you! “IT DOES NOT OPERATE LIKE OTHER GRILLS!”

 Follow the Cooking & Operation Manual for the Companion, light the burners, preheat, place food on the stainless steel cooking grid, close the lid, set your timer, relax, have a beverage, while the sturdy Companion does the smokin’—you’ll have some of the best tasting meals ever!
I’ve smoked trout, salmon, catfish, turkey breast, whole chicken, portobello mushrooms & all kinds of vegetables with excellent results everytime. No flare-ups and comes with a great warranty!

What Others Are Saying

This product has received rave reviews from most consumers on the net with an average of 4 out of 5 from most reviewers on Amazon, except one consumer complaint with an issue of “poor design”, which has been answered by other users (see below).

Where Can I Read More Reviews for the Holland Grill?

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